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1Tummy Tuck Atlanta GA

Tummy tuck also called abdominoplasty is a form of cosmetic surgery used to make the muscles of the abdomen more firm. The tummy skin in some people sags, bulges or droops making the abdomen have a bad shape.

One can have this tightened up by the use of tummy tuck. There are no exercises or diets that can help tighten the abdomen skin. There are many clinics out there offering there services in abdominoplasty. Based in Atlanta GA, we offer the best tummy tuck surgery that perfectly suits our client needs.

One can try lose weight but still the skin around the belly remains lose. This may be disturbing and prevent many from wearing some certain clothes they desire. There is nothing wrong to seek for tummy tuck services as many have used this form of surgery with success. There is totally no shame in trying to tighten your belly and have that good looking figure.


Usually making the decision that you want to undergo the procedure is very important. Tummy tuck suits both male and females who are in perfect health conditions. For women who have had pregnancies, the procedure may be very helpful in tightening the loose skin that sags due to stretching.

For men who have experienced obese cases, the procedure perfectly fits them as the skin droops due the large muscles. You can only consider postponing this procedure if your are planning to get pregnant soon. The muscles should be tightened because your pregnancy will cause stretch to them again. If planning to shed some weight then abdominoplasty is your last resort to tighten the muscles that will sag once the excess fats are lost.

Once sure you want to go ahead with this procedure, then it is time to look for a surgeon. The surgeon will consult you on very issues and give some advice. For those who smoke, you are advised to quit smoking at least until the procedure is over. Smoking slows down the healing process and may have some complications.

3Surgery & Recovery

The last part is the process itself. The tummy tuck can be complete or partial depending on the extent of your abdominal skin drooping and bulging. Usually the complete tummy tuck involves cutting the abdomen from one hipbone to the next and drainage tubes may be used.

This process may take a few days before it is over. The partial procedure is done to people who have fats located beneath the navel. The process usually takes a few hours. The corrections done to the abdominal skin includes removal of lose skin, cutting of the bulging skin and removal of stretch marks. The mid-line is the area that is greatly tightened.

Tummy tuck is the most painful part in the whole procedure of plastic surgery but the benefits are greater. The first night after surgery is the painful one but medications are given to relief the pain.

Some little tenderness is experienced after the procedure but generally a flatter abdomen is the achieved. After three months the results can be seen but fully benefits are obtained after one year. Adherence to the post operation instructions is key in avoiding any risks, but generally the process is safe and worth a try.


“I am just thrilled with the success of my recent tummy tuck operation. I was born with a rounded belly that only got worse as I aged. Your surgery flattened my abdomen and gave me the motivation to take better care of myself through diet and exercise. ”

-Patient Atlanta, GA

“This is to convey my appreciation and gratitude for the excellent treatment I received from both you and your team. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the end result. I would highly recommend your treatments to anybody searching for a more content living with their body. Many thanks again for the terrific care.”

-Patient Atlanta, GA